$4 laundry room decor.

i made the cutest piece of decor for our laundry room and it was just $4! quick, easy and you may already have the supplies.

we’re in the process of planning an overhaul on our construction-grade, small and very white laundry room. while browsing tile and wallpaper selections, i made the choice to forgo cabinets and do open shelving because our laundry room already has a large closet for storage. the open shelving will be for decor, not function because i won’t be able to reach anything on them but what to display on the shelves? here’s one project.

what you’ll need:

  • glass jar or canister, with or without lid
  • package of clothes pins

i got the perfect glass canister with a lid at goodwill for $1.99 and a pack of clothes pins at target for $1.79. i bet the dollar store might even have a pack of clothes pins cheaper.

simply empty the pack of clothes pins into the canister or jar and that’s it, no tutorial needed.

xo Beck

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