anthro-inspired quartz knobs.

anthropologie carries these fabulous crowned quartz knobs and the second i saw them i was determined to have them somewhere in our house, but at $28/each i knew i’d be making my own to get the same look.

quartz knobsknobs1

i purchased a koppang 3-drawer chest from ikea (since discontinued, but similar to hemnes chest of drawers) for our dinette area to add extra storage and to de-clutter our kitchen counters by moving my espresso machine. for the price of one quartz knob at anthropolgie i made 6 for the chest and now have an adorable espresso bar. i could not be happier with how they turned out and might just like them better than the ones from anthropologie!

864 793

i purchased 6 white quartz necklace pendants off etsy for $4.40/each, then purchased 6 brass drawer knob bases for $0.59 at a hardware store. i used a pliers to pull the pendant hook off and glued the based on the back of the quartz with epoxy. after a day of drying, i attached my new anthropologie-inspired drawer knobs with screws i had to the drawers and started styling my espresso bar. this project was so easy!

xo Beck


2 thoughts on “anthro-inspired quartz knobs.

  1. HI! Love this post! Was wanting to try this for my bathroom knobs. Any chance you remember what Etsy seller you bought from? Thank you!

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