baby’s first easter basket.


there are so many exciting firsts to watch lochlan experience this year. we want to have a lot of traditions with him as he grows up, so i couldn’t wait to get started on making his easter basket. with easter just a month away, now is the time to start putting together your easter baskets, especially if you’re ordering personalized items.

starting with a basket, i wanted one that was personalized so it could be used for years to come. my vision was to fill it with sentimental, yet practical, items since he isn’t old enough to understand easter or appreciate that i put it together for him this year. books to add to his collection and a stuffed animal would be staple pieces. a pacifier and a personalized wood teether would be appropriate since he’ll be 3 months old by easter. lochlan was in need of another bath robe and i found the most adorable bunny slippers to go with it. his hair is getting long so throwing in some baby-safe hair product was the cherry on top.

Easter Basket Finished (1)

god gave us easter book / wubbanub infant pacifier / pat the bunny book
bunny wood teether / white spritz easter basket / jellycat bashful bunny
similar: gingham robe / infant bunny slippers / california baby jelly mousse

when i started thinking about what to put in a baby’s first easter basket, i’ll admit i was stumped. candy was all i remember baskets being full of! i just thought about items that will not only teach him about easter in the future, create memories with and items he could also use. i can’t wait to share this stuff with him!

xo Beck